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The Well of Experiences….

The Well of Our Experiences


The first step in awareness is to examine the external world. We learn to cherish all that surrounds us. We learn to observe without judgment. We strive to not only preserve life, but to honor and enhance life. Horses do these things effortlessly when they live a natural life. We can learn from their example and we can support their natural awareness.

Horses need to feel that they are participating in life.

“The way horses live their lives is a metaphor for life’s priorities. It’s not always about winning or losing, it’s also about the quality of the experience, the journey itself, and putting your heart into what you do.” -Diane Lane actress, Secretariat

equine eye

Horses start their lives in one of three ways:

  1. Born into the wild with no initial contact with humans
  2. Born into a farm situation with human contact & other horses
  3. Orphaned early or at birth & raised by humans

Each situation creates unique perspectives and expectations in the horse. His language will be formed by the horses that raise him (#1), the horses & people that raise him (#2) or the humans that raise him (#3). This “language” becomes the first series of “drops” in the Well of Experiences for each horse.

We can add positive “drops”/experiences or negative ones to the lives of those around us.

As he matures, the horse’s experiences are positive and negative in nature and begin to fill that “Well”. According to the predominant type of experiences he has, he will learn to expect something positive or something negative with every new situation – if we wish to change this for him in some way, we must provide consistency in the things we bring to his awareness… we must flood a well of negativity with so many clear and compassionate positive experiences that the well no longer holds anything else.

The whole idea of struggle brings you

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Season’s Greetings

All my life, my Mom made our Christmas presents. She also thought of awesome projects to do together to make gifts for friends and my students. Starting in October, she and I would sit a couple of afternoons each week at her big kitchen table and construct wooden angels, kachinas, “space bugs” made from devil’s claws, plaques with horse sayings on them, and much more. Each year she thought of something different and that time together was filled with love and joy.


photo by Katharine Lark Chrisley, “New Mexico snow”

Now, she isn’t able to do the crafts anymore. She is healthy and happy, living in her own little home in my “back yard”, but she isn’t seeing or moving as well as she used to. But she is still full of love. She taught us how to love. I think that has been her greatest gift to us. With the ability to love comes patience, compassion, strength and courage. Love makes us real. Love keeps us safe.

This season, I want to take the time to love her back and remind her of the joy she created for us all. Do you have someone who needs to know what they mean to you? Tell them. Love matters.

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