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Object Permanence and Horses

A friend explained this concept to me a few weeks ago as I described to him how one of our horses in Sanctuary gets confused when a rider gets on him and “disappears” from sight. A light bulb turned on in me. Diamond is not being obstinate, not obtuse, he genuinely does not understand what has happened to the person who mounts him.


While that may seem hard to fathom, after years now of working to heal his lameness, we had not been as connected to him as a riding horse. When soundness returned, we were careful to move gradually with him under saddle, making certain the footing for him was cushioned and that he only walked (for months). With another horse in the arena or with me walking along watching him and coaching a rider,  he seemed confident enough and willing to engage. I remained dedicated to getting and keeping him physically sound, without realizing that he had big gaps in his education and perception.

As students tried to take him out on the rail in the arena, away from me or another horse, he would worry. The rein and leg aids seemed to have little meaning to him. I knew he had been at a camp in the mountains, doing trail rides with children before he came to us. Thinking about this, I began to figure out that Diamond was comfortable as a “follower” and he likely only walked down the trails with his nose at another horse’s bum. He did not conceptualize a person sitting in the saddle giving him signals… he followed the other horses.

So, when we do a lesson on him, our success in getting him away from me and listening to his rider came with having his rider talk her directions to him continuously. If he is hearing her verbal signals, he stays connected enough to feel at ease and go where she wishes. If she is silent, he shuts down as if he has dropped an anchor and his confidence evaporates!

I then began thinking about the trainers who bring a young horse’s head and neck around to the saddle as they mount and stand during those first rides. It does effectively keep the horse from bolting, rearing or bucking, especially if one is starting the youngster without assistance – but now, I realize that the horse really sees where the rider has gone!

Oh yes, horses have great peripheral vision and can certainly see that something is there on their sides, but to know that a person is up there… I’m just not sure it comes by default.

We are working with Diamond. Filling in gaps, substituting the leg and rein aids for verbal aids. As time passes, I see him becoming more confident. I like him a lot and I want him to be able to comprehend what is going on, not just act as an automaton from being flooded and losing his desire to live. That’s not the way we operate here.


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Harmony by Design


The way we see life is in a proactive, balanced way for the embodiments of all beings. We each have a physical, emotional, mental and spirit body. I am constantly being asked how one determines which natural healing method to use. In seminars, I teach the principle of “Life-Wave Integration”: using specific modalities for the specific embodiments.

Using Nutrients and Herbs for the Physical Body; Flower Essences for the Emotional Body; Essential Oils for the Mental Body and Crystals for the Spirit – we can support good health and address disorders from their root causes.

An example of alignment with an embodiment is sleep – if you cannot sleep because of pain, your physical body is in need of balancing. If you cannot sleep because of fears or anger, etc., your emotional body needs support. If you cannot sleep because thoughts just overwhelm you, your mental body seeks healing. If you sleep well but never feel rested, the spirit body needs support.

Bring the Balance Back!



Every being has accumulated experiences that “fill a well” and determine what he or she will expect in new situations. If the majority of “drops in the well” have been negative, he will expect negative things. If they have been positive “drops”/experiences, he will expect positive things. We can even overfill a well of negative experiences with enough positive experiences to eventually overcome the negative – and, sadly, the opposite is also true.

The “training” of a horse or dog (or spouse!) that conditions responses, cultivates trust or fear and allows progress or regression is solely determined by the types of “drops of experiences” that are added to the “well”.

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