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Season’s Greetings

All my life, my Mom made our Christmas presents. She also thought of awesome projects to do together to make gifts for friends and my students. Starting in October, she and I would sit a couple of afternoons each week at her big kitchen table and construct wooden angels, kachinas, “space bugs” made from devil’s claws, plaques with horse sayings on them, and much more. Each year she thought of something different and that time together was filled with love and joy.


photo by Katharine Lark Chrisley, “New Mexico snow”

Now, she isn’t able to do the crafts anymore. She is healthy and happy, living in her own little home in my “back yard”, but she isn’t seeing or moving as well as she used to. But she is still full of love. She taught us how to love. I think that has been her greatest gift to us. With the ability to love comes patience, compassion, strength and courage. Love makes us real. Love keeps us safe.

This season, I want to take the time to love her back and remind her of the joy she created for us all. Do you have someone who needs to know what they mean to you? Tell them. Love matters.

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Gratitude, always

There is something to be said for getting so busy, you don’t have time to worry. Lately, just by letting go of the worry, I have found that things I was actually needing (but did not know how they would be procured) appearing as if by some wonderful magic. Really.


I had made a wish list that included a tea kettle, bed sheets, a stall guard, head bumper, half chaps, full chaps, more riding helmets, saddles for the lessons, boots for Wally, some different sizes of girths… the list is long and some priorities are herbs for winter, probiotics, kelp, etc.

Over the past week I have been given, by dear friends – a tea kettle! Bed sheets! A stall guard! Head bumper! Half chaps! Full chaps! Girths and splint boots and a helmet AND 2 saddles! I had not told anyone about the things I was needing.

My friends understand the work we do here. They know how hard I work and that, right now, we are on a shoestring budget. What they may not know is just how precious their gifts are to us. They may not know how much they are appreciated… I hope they do, but I may not express it eloquently enough. They heal my doubts with their kindnesses.

So, tonight, I finish watching British comedies, eating beans my brother cooked and bread homemade by a student’s mother. I count blessings that cannot be measured while I brew a pot of cinnamon tea and finish my column for the local paper (hours before my deadline). The horses are fed with extra grass hay and large sloppy bran mashes to assure their health through the chilly night. My Mother and brother welcome a new, tiny , unexpected dog into their family tonight – brought by another student whose daughter found the abandoned pooch. This, just after the passing of their beloved Dachshund.

The magic is real. The drawing to oneself of what is needed can instantly occur if the doubt melts away… if the sense of lack and limitation is abandoned. If I get out of my own way, the life I love presents itself like an old friend or lover with a big smile of “what took you so long?”. Yup.

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