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Days end

Such a long day for us today. Starting with a very good lesson on balance and posting the trot with a student on sassy Hank, it ends now, 12 hours later with feeding the herd in the soft evening light. I feel the Autumn. The day itself was spent enlarging the small arena here. It started as a round pen, jumbled together with what materials I could afford at the time.


The round pen started out where my Mother’s mobile home now sits. It was relatively portable, so we moved it. The new location was smaller, so the pen became so, as well. After a year and a half, it felt like it was closing in on us! We have a big turnout / arena area, but often need two places to work at the same time.

So today, after having started the new enlargement of the little arena last week; my working student and her Mom and Dad arrived early and stayed late as we all put up fence. I devoured homemade, fresh, soft pretzel rolls brought by said Mom and kept an eye on my Mom who needs attention and help throughout the day and night.

Last night, I had run down to Lowes to get landscape timbers for posts and 2X3 inch planks for the fence rails. Having worked constantly through the day since 6:30 AM, I treated myself to coffee and an omelette at IHOP. It was already dark outside, so I relaxed at my brightly lit, tiny booth and watched the servers go back and forth… their feet work hard, too. The coffee carafes were copper colored and reflected the lights from above in curving lines that sparkled. I tried to eat slowly mindfully, then drove down the rest of the hill for lumber.

Night time can be strange. The store felt huge and hollow, the Ladies’ room was downright eery as I fished for my little flashlight (just in case the lights would go out) for a sense of safety. I needed two big lumber carts, had to go from one end to the totally opposite end of the store to gather materials, constantly adding up the prices in my head. I did well. I spent only what I had allowed myself and it turned out today, I had exactly enough with 4 poles left over to make cavaletti!


Things here are not posh. We don’t really do posh. I’m lucky to keep my office and the adjoining bathroom clean for clients and friends to use. I’m not bad, just not particularly scrubbed most of the time! With the herd of 6 horses, now 3 dogs and my Mom to care for, I live a sometimes cluttered life. But no one suffers. That is a fact.

And now, we have a bigger small arena. I’m smiling a lot tonight. After the weekend lessons, I’ll be able to pay the hoof trimmer and buy white paint from Tractor Supply to paint the new arena fence.

Look for happiness at the end of each day. Expect joy at the beginning of each day. Touch every life you can with love. That is the way of the stablewomen.




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