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Birds Fall

We’ve been stuck in violent wind storms for several days. Yesterday there was a bit of a break and I got the horses turned out in pairs for an hour each. As I removed Dream Cat’s halter, she went right over to an object on the ground. She nudged it and immediately returned to me, bumping me on the chest with her nose. Then she walked back to the object and looked back at me.

It was a poor dead baby bird, obviously blown from her nest to the hard earth. As tears filled my eyes, Dream Cat moved over to stand at my shoulder and curled her neck around me. I cried.

I took the fallen bird to the “burial area”. I was in awe of that sweet mare who can show more awareness and compassion than some people!

Her brother was the same. I had Dharma Gita boarded at a stable with 2 round pens and an arena to start him under saddle. The water tanks had automatic feeds on them to keep them full and became like lime green jello. They were never cleaned! Of course, that meant that I dumped and cleaned his tank every few days, having to disconnect hoses and reconnect them on the float. (I was asked to leave that barn, I also did my own mucking, with Gita lining his poops up from the back of his pen to front, looking disgusted until I took over – this while paying full board)


One day, after dumping the water, I was leaning into the stock tank, scrubbing, when Gita pushed on my bum. I waved him away. He bumped me harder. Looking up, I saw a panicked expression on his face and he hopped over to the mud and put his nose down to it. Looking from the mud to me, back and forth, he got me to look.

There were a dozen little fish flopping, dying in the mud! I had no idea they had been in the tank (owners had put them in to eat mosquito larvae!). I scooped them up and dropped them into another tank of slime and water. They lived.

I hugged Gita over and over.

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