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Be a Hero

We have faced an entire day of howling winds and blowing dust that made our mountain – heck, even neighbors’ homes 100 meters away – invisible! I have spent the day and now into the night taking care of horses, dogs and people. The wind has whipped things from my hands (the hay to feed to horses, my Mother’s storm door, the mail and my truck door…) and made it more difficult to carry my sweet, elderly dog, Basil down the back step for her to potty.

So, after bringing her back up the step tonight, I let her walk around the house a while before blocking her in our bedroom for her safety. I went out to put a light blanket on my horse, Wally, as the weather turned colder tonight and when I came back into the house, Basil had found a spot of non-rug-covered tile and she was on her belly trying to get up. I lifted her carefully, kissed her like crazy and took her to the carpeted and padded floor of the bedroom. In tears. I felt just awful.

So I called my brother. I needed to talk, the day had worn me out and I felt like I had let Basil down.


But Billy had a different perspective. “You are her hero!” he said to me. Explaining how it really is for her, having someone to find her within minutes and get her back on her feet. Someone to carry her outside with care. Someone to feed her the best of food with her Cetyl M supplement to keep her hips working. Someone who keeps her water bowl full and fresh…. he helped so much.

Tonight I’ve been thinking about being a “hero” to animals in need. Basil was dumped by the cottage I lived in many years ago. I have been responsible for her care and for cherishing her all her long life. All of my horses really needed homes – some were in dire straits, some from loving homes that could not keep them. My dogs have most always been rescues – humans that do these things are certainly heroes in the eyes of those who are saved.

So, Billy helped me feel better about myself tonight. We are all only human and sometimes we will falter, but a hero doesn’t have to be perfect. A hero just has to care, try, love and be there.

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