“Stablewomen” is a column Katharine writes for the Las Cruces, NM newspaper and a Program for women offered at the Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary. This blog is about all things Equine that touch us (women & men) on the deepest levels of compassion and cooperation.

Horsewomanship is the gentle, “Yin” view of working with horses as participants in the process rather than underlings to be used like tools and discarded if things don’t according to plans.


Katharine  Lark Chrisley-Schreiber NHC, RMT, Equine Specialist has degrees in Natural Health  Counseling, Veterinary Assistance and Reiki Mastership.

Katharine studied under her  herbalist, midwife grandmother the ancient traditions of The Wisdom Way  and Native American healing. She was the director of a Zen Center and is  a life-long vegetarian.

Katharine has owned and operated 3  schools of classical horsemanship since 1973. She ran boarding  operations within them and based her horses’ rations upon grass hays,  herbs and minerals. She passed her Rocky Mountain Horse Show Association  judges exams in 1976 and has written for equine publications (Western  Horseman, Horse & Rider, Dressage & CT, Horseman of the  Southwest, Horseplay, Animal Wellness, Natural Horse Magazine, The Whole  Horse Journal, Stable Gossip, Horse Illustrated, The Chronicle of the  Horse and The Horseman’s Voice) since 1975. She taught courses on  horses, dogs and meditation for the DABCC of NMSU.

Through the  years, Katharine has received instruction from many masters including  Charles deKunffy, Peter Lert, Anne Gere, Brooks Busby, Shane Brasher,  Colonel Womack, Maj. Gen. Johnathan R. Burton, Mary Rose FBHS, Frazier  Gorel, Art and Aggie Popurt, J P Giacomini, Don Burt, Mrs. Cunliff, Lee  Bittel; and she was one of 20 riders selected to ride for a scholarship  at Morven Park IEI in Leesburg VA in the ’70’s.

She worked for an  outstanding equine Veterinarian in Roswell, NM and studied equine  Chiropractic techniques in Albuquerque, NM. Katharine is also an artist,  illustrating articles and books.

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