Struggles and more…

I’m not a huge fan of being online. I would rather spend all of my time in direct contact with the horses! But, a good website is essential, this blog is a way to communicate and social media has been an important way to get the Sanctuary out in the “public eye”, until October 31st. That’s when we got hacked on Facebook. It happens. I know that it can happen. I realize that I had my part in making it possible.

That being said, the fact that contacting Facebook is an impossibility made a sad situation into a dire one! The hackers got my personal FB account restricted, then took over the Dharmahorse page. Fortunately, I was quick to freeze our bank accounts. I spent days and nights mitigating the damage as best I could with no help at all from Facebook. The Sanctuary’s funds and the horses themselves were in no danger – but my own peace of mind was shattered briefly.

As I near the time that the Dharmahorse FB page will permanently delete (then I can delete my personal page – I’m the administrator of the DH page) and delete the Instagram account, I will be able to start over. Why would I do that? Social media is a useful tool for connecting with fans of the Sanctuary. I’ll be back without a business page connected to a bank account! I’ll post the goings on and update about the different horses just like before – but with a better secured account and new personal information that will not tie into the old accounts. It’s a wild world out there!

The time has been spent wisely. Moving to a new bank, consulting others (wiser than me) and rethinking what needs to be “out there” has been a fresh start. The new Facebook page will be on the website when the dust settles.

That first week, I was adamant that I would never have another social media page. All I wanted was to be rid of the torment that rained down on my head. As time has passed. many friends have told me how much they miss the connection. So, with a very deep breath, I will navigate the questionable waters with hard gained insight.

I will do anything for these horses. And, it does appear, the horses’ stories need to be out there and accessible. I’ll pull up my big girl panties and try again. See you “out there”.

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