I’ve got the Orange Barrel Blues…

The past few months have been an exercise in creative planning – Our little city has been digging up every major road and Highway used to expedite traffic and get us to businesses and jobs; all at once. And what was a reasonable path through the maze one week is entirely restructured the next so there is no predicting any of it.

Businesses from one end of town to another are closing up shop (some having thrived for decades!) because no customers can manage to drive to their buildings. Not just for a week or two of inconvenience, some businesses have been inaccessible for nearly a year.

Having lived here since 1981, I am fortunate to know most back ways to the places I need to patronize and things that are not an actual need, well, it’s just not worth the effort, time and petrol wasted…

My beautiful picture

So, yesterday, I drove our beloved Michelle to the airport in a nearby big city a couple of hours away. We crossed state lines, were whipping along at 70 mph on 3 lanes between tractor trailers when instantaneously traffic went to 10 mph and one lane. Several times we came to a stop (in these cases, I pump my brake lights and pray for good brakes behind me!). Then, just as quickly, we’re back to multiple lanes at 70 mph.

Home safe and relatively sound, I briefly considered a little detour into our city to grab some groceries… then I saw the line of tail lights, single lane of vehicles and spattering of orange barrels down the hill. “Hell no.” I was already fending off a migraine. “We’ll eat more lentil loaf and like it!”

So today’s sojourn to order fencing supplies and catch a bite of lunch was a great test of my intuition and, I’m proud to say, we made it to each place easily, serpentining through the incoherent jumble of orange objects. Decades ago, an ex-husband said that a wise person would invest in an orange barrel business. Crikey, how clearly he predicted that!

I am profoundly grateful that we live up on the mountain, in high desert and well away from so awful much orange.




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