Hot Flashes

I sat in the Moongate Cafe’ today, talking with a friend, eating bean tacos and just having a couple of hours away from responsibility, authority and computers!

I never want to be away from my horses or dogs, but I don’t mind being away when I need to recharge a bit. My friend and I started talking about hot flashes. I’ve had them. I left for Arizona in a new relationship a few years back to work on an Equine Rescue facility… when I got to Arizona menopause hit me. Now, I’m an herbal person just like my horses are herbal horses and I got through the changes rather well. But I remember actually enjoying the hot flashes through that winter! Then, as I recall, when I had to leave that rescue because of such differences in perspectives – the summer hot flashes were pure misery.

In Tubac, AZ during fire season (there were spring, summer, fall, winter and fire seasons…), working in my art studio in the Tower in Old Tubac, I absolutely melted. I painted more snow scenes that year than in my whole life before. I would not be able to tell if I was having a hot flash or if the world had just turned on convection “mode”.

My beautiful picture

When I needed to return to New Mexico to help my Mum, I rejoiced. After my return to the state I love, my flashes stopped. It was a short menopause. And, since my hair turned white when I was in my 20’s, I figured I was just wired differently than other peeps.

Today, I was reminded of that cyclical nature of being a woman. We spiral. We become. We change. It is really quite wonderful. A new friend called me resilient recently – I worked for an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program that was the focus of an English study that found being around horses makes humans more resilient. Then I must be especially so! There are only a handful of days in my entire life that did not include equine contact.

And being a woman makes me somehow upsetting to some peeps because I play didgeridoos – I have read that it is taboo (in OZ) and I have read that it was accepted in certain parts of the country; then I read that it was not taboo until this century… then a friend in the UK said it is good luck in this northern hemisphere for a woman to play a didge.

a concert 002

All I know is: I breathe better when I play, I sleep better when I play; I relax when I play… and I did the circular breath well (even have it on a video) until a bit of bronchitis last winter… all this tells me is that I need to play more! I could not take a didge to Hawaii, but I found a PVC pipe in my cousin’s garage that worked reasonably well! And that’s another aspect of being a horsewoman – we have to think beyond the box.


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