Shades of grey – horses! Shades of grey – clouds! Full spectrum.

I sit quietly tonight listening only to the rolling clatter of thunder that was distant but now sounds overhead. The dogs squirm at the rumbling and a sparse bit of rain is trying to drum itself on the roof… I have a feeling the storm gathers outside!

I am too weary at the moment to go observe these happenings, even capture them with a photograph. The last few days have consumed me. I sit reeking of the smell of Forschner’s Hoof Packing – a distinctly tar like smell – that has permeated my hands and refuses to wash away. Horses are fed. Dogs are not, yet. I am not, yet, and don’t care if I eat or not (lunch was big enough for the whole day).

Now the house crickets (a special luck blessing, you know) are chirping as the light pales behind gray to black clouds. I feel peaceful. I feel okay.

I have been pondering the diversity of horse people. Really thinking deeply about how we run the entire spectrum of possibilities. I know riders and non-riders, Dressage fanatics, rodeo bums, Veterinarians, natural hoof trimmers, crystal healers and blacksmiths (and everything in between). We often choose to disagree; we often roll our eyes at techniques used by another – but we will hop up and help another horse peep at the drop of a hat without even thinking about it. We are connected by horses. Period.

The flies have become obnoxious out there as the rain builds, ready to pour on us (I hope!). Through the office bay window I see tails in motion and feel sorry for the “less endowed” skimpy tailed Vega, Sage and Gritz! Majic is able to swish across his entire body with merely two swipes!

My beautiful picture


We are all different. Horses, people… we are uniquely the way we each are because of the circumstances of our lives and the challenges we have faced. We have so much we can learn from each other when we choose to listen and observe. Tonight, I’m remembering people I miss and all the things they taught me; remembering horses; observing my horses and recognizing all the differences they express simply in how they accept the storm approaching.

How cool!

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