Pulling Down the Thunder, Place of the Thunderbolt

I sat for an hour watching the storms ease in last night. I needed that Earthing time to just stand barefooted in red dirt and breathe the ionized air. So much is happening in life here that I forget to breathe deeply. I can hear my Mum’s voice telling me to do so. She always reminded us to breathe – even when not riding a horse!

People used to not be able to tell our voices apart over the telephone. I wonder if that is weird now for some folks… if I sound that much like my Mum, now that she is in Spirit and no longer on Earth, if it is disconcerting. I watched the storms coming in and thought about the thunder. My sweet Anglo-Arab Dorje’s name meant Thunderbolt and his best friend, Darjeeling’s name meant place of the thunderbolt.

Dorje and Gita

Darj and Katharine

I miss them.

I sleep with a Himalayan Crystal Salt lamp that ionizes the air in my bedroom. It really supports my good health and it feels good to see it glowing beside my bed. The feeling it brings is so similar to the thunderstorm air, the freshness of crackling lightning charged ions lifting my mood and energizing my body.  I also have two large, smooth, quartz river stones that, when rubbed together very quickly will glow in a dark room and create the ozone smell of lightning charged air. I keep them beside my bed, also.

All the trees are full of life after last night’s soaking rains. I am so grateful today – even if I am sliding about in some mud and having to rake up wet poop into piles to deal with tomorrow! WATER IS LIFE.

I fixed a cup of Darjeeling tea. Have a quesadilla heating for lunch. I’ll finish some indoor work here while Vega is in turn out, then go rake his poo before he goes back to his “room”. The day is a peaceful one with no outside contact. I’m organizing my mind.

The thunder always vibrates in the ground, the walls and in my chest. I feel the storms before they arrive. So do the horses. If only I could feel other things before they arrive – but then, there would be no surprises! And while horses are not exactly fond of surprises – I am often thrilled when something catches me “off guard” and shifts my perspective. Even the strange things… they keep life interesting.

Now, for that lunch and a bit more ‘puter time.

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