“Sleep” Walking, A Cold Wind from Valhala and Open Toed Socks

I keep trying to go to sleep tonight, but the west wind blasting against my bedroom walls has no soothing properties nor sense of “white noise” to it. It is simply noise. And at decibels of not just annoying levels, it feels like a deliberate assault! The wind is usually colder from the east and always more violent. I hope it does not shift – even if that would allow sleep for me (gusts hitting the office walls instead), it would be a meaner wind for the horses.

And today I had a wave of weariness wash over me that left me almost “sleep walking” through the treatments for the horses. I had made a full quart of comfrey root decoction spray that I wandered around the stable yard dispensing to those in need every couple of hours. Penny has just wrenched her tendons low on her cannon and into her fetlock on her left foreleg. I do hours of cold hosing; had poulticed it for 2 days; keep her as quite as possible and used support wraps at first. Now, I drench her leg with the comfrey and use homeopathic arnica gel topically and ruta grav orally.

My beautiful picture

Majic has tender hind hooves, so I’m soaking his hooves in tubs of apple cider vinegar while I’m mucking and spraying the soles of his hooves with the comfrey as often as possible. Wally played too hard with the “board of directors” (Wally, Sage and Grits – they stand in a circle, heads in the middle as if they are in a meeting) yesterday and he has a puffy fetlock (Arrggghhhh) that I’m spraying as well – with the comfrey.

My beautiful picture

So, I walk around the stable yard with the spray bottle, treating each horse, every couple of hours. The new horse, Vega, stomps his front feet because of the flies (all 3 of them right now!) and he has his knee a little filled from the concussion – you guessed it, comfrey!


I also have scraped my arm on a hoof while trimming and had to let it bleed a lot to clean it out, then sprayed colloidal silver on it and later, comfrey. Making all my own medicine (including the colloidal silver) means I know exactly what I’m using and can be specific to the needs of the animals and myself!

So, I dropped a cinder block (used to hold down the tarps on the hay in my horribly leaky hay barn) on my toe last week and pulled my boot off immediately to apply the comfrey root remedy which heals bruises especially well. I did not even need to remove my sock – said toe was sticking out through a large hole, making treatment that much easier 🙂

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