Paths and Habits

Having the new horse, Vega, made me think of this:


We are all influenced by our past experiences: they create our habits which work either for or against us on our life paths. This is also true for our horses. Each experience is the catalyst for an equine habit.

A horse will move in a certain way, react in a certain way, approach us in a certain way depending upon the habits he has formed.

I personally drive a car the way I do because of past experiences (they collectively form my driving habits) and that recognition helps me understand my horses’ and my own behaviors.

The three glaring habits I have as an automobile “pilot” make total sense to me:

My first car was an old Mark ll Jaguar with brakes that worked intermittently (!!!), teaching me to pump the brake pedal immediately upon feeling it sink to the floor while I pulled up on the emergency brake lever…

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