Owl song, no sleep, deja vu and Yuban ain’t Kona

I spent my morning teaching one nice lesson, then started mucking while watering my trees before the predicted winds. I had hoped to be “before the winds”. I was not.

With my MP3 player clipped to a pocket and the ear bud lines run through my braids, I mucked as long as I could stand the dirt and poop whipping up into my face. My patience was stretched a bit. I’d had 2 and a half hours of sleep last night and no more than 3 hours the night before. The owls have returned.

Now, I love the beautiful owls. Their song is even beautiful… up to a point. WooooHoooo, WooooHoooo, hour after hour from the time I retire to bed until the sky lightens loses its appeal quickly. The owls sing in the big Cypress trees just outside my bedroom window.

And there was carnage – at daybreak, when I fed the horses, I had to scoop up bunny parts (including two heads) into the shovel and transport them to the mass burial site over the fence to the south. So sad. I keep all my little dogs inside after dark. So, the sleep deprivation has me wonkier than usual and the bit of shifting that occurs puts me slightly between worlds. Not necessarily a negative thing, though.

2-23-2010 6;44;28 PM

I was visiting with a friend here, discussing my lack of sleep and talking about coffee. I have one more cup’s worth of Kona beans, for tomorrow morning… then all I have is Yuban organic coffee. Sorry Yuban, you ain’t Kona! But a strange deja vu washed over me at that moment with a friend, in the kitchen and I realized (as I always do, as I believe) that I am in the right place at the moment. Wonky, shifted, dazed and confused – I’m where I’m supposed to be. For now. Yet… some sleep would be nice. (can you tell?)

2-17-2010 12;56;19 PM

The owls have made me nervous about my small dogs since the dog yard is also right beside the big Cypress trees… but we have a door to close after dark and if my rugs get peed on, so what. They clean up. Makes me think of The Dude. And the Dude abides. I’m just not going to take chances with my beloved ones. I’ve always been overprotective and proud of it. (It’s called love)

12-11-2008 11;22;46 AM

My deja vu was intense a couple of times today (being between worlds will do that). And another weird thing did an OZ number on me. I had loaded my favorites list into the MP3 player. Listening as I worked, all was predictable. Then out of the blue, an Australian band (that is NOT on my list nor ripped into my computer!) came on the player. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even skip a beat lately with this stuff, but this one made me ponder awhile. I just figure all will be revealed someday. Or not. I can flow with the weirdness.

But I can’t flow with no sleep. I think I will download the “Dreaming with Jeff Bridges” tape – maybe it will help. The bottle of Shiraz I got yesterday might, too. Not the whole bottle (hopefully), just a glass or maybe two.

My brother is back to his house early today. He got hold of a “bad burrito” and has food poisoning. Crikey. I got charcoal and, later, ginger slices in him. Think I’ll just have nice, safe cereal with soymilk for supper… hmmm, that does not sound good with wine…

My beautiful picture

The wind is still blasting from the west. The tumbleweeds that were stopped by the fence from the east wind last week have left for the fence line down the road. That can be handy.

My bedroom is on the west side of my house. The wind tonight with owl song and some major mind bending thinking to do about relationships will likely prevent sleep. Perhaps this “cowgirl” needs to start sleeping during the day time… whenever I can… pretend I’m on the other side of the world. Whatever it takes to gain peace.

9-1-2008 9;33;08 PM

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