Love heals and horses respond more to love than to techniques…

If someone’s life is a little bit better because I exist – then my life has meaning.

I was just turning out some horses while the two elderly dogs I took in are sleeping on their cushions, covered up and cozy. I watch the bunnies who hop up to me to say good morning and the quail who bring their babies right to the water while I am close enough to touch them. They all trust me. They trust me because I love them. I genuinely cherish and will care for every being who lives here. Period.

That love is healing. It also creates an environment where the horses are “trained” and developed with so much compassion that they are willing to help us and teach us. They know they are safe. Even if something goes awry, no one is chastised, no one feels diminished.

I have been “standing back” and watching the horse world work its way through “leadership”, “herd mentality”, “chasing”, “forcing” and pretty much confusing a lot of horses – who, by the way, are so deeply capable of loving us that they try to comprehend and comply with all we ask no matter the methodology… Good on you, horses… you so often prove to be the higher life form.

This isn’t negative on people – I love people, too. Most of us cherish horses and are working to do the “right things”. If we can fill all of our “Wells of Experience” with positive “drops” of love based experiences, we will all grow together.

Just as a horse approaching a round pen – where a previous equine was brutalized, chased or frightened – will feel the energies and be reticent to enter that pen; a place filled with and surrounded by love will draw all beings into the “circle” and heal what needs to be healed.


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