Love or confusion…

Some things are real mind benders for me (and I often use a different word than “bender”). My first time to go anywhere in years was the Hawaii trip. I went on that incredible trail ride across mountains of pastures and we rode until the sun set.

I rode with a great family whose daughter had never ridden. Her Mum was an experienced horsewoman and her Dad had ridden, so we all watched out for the girl and the wrangler had her on an awesome horse. I enjoyed that ride so much that I dream about it once a week or more.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

We all said our goodbyes in the dark after the ride and exchanged emails.

Days later, my cousin took me to Mauna Kea to see the telescopes, then we stayed in Hilo and went to the volcanoes. I still am in awe of the entire experience. At the volcano, we were walking around the park when I heard, “Katharine!”… this was puzzling for me since I knew no one besides my family on the island. I am used to people seeing me at the market here at home or at a park or a fair (and there are hundreds of students I’ve taught just in the past couple of years). But in Hawaii?

I kind of ignored it, figuring it must be an exclamation for some other Katharine/Catherine.

Nope. It was for me. It was the Mum from the trail ride (what were the chances!). I had the best time being able to visit with that sweet family again. And another example, just like so many thousands of them in my life, of the synchronicity that I live if I just flow and observe and enjoy. I could let myself get very confused by life, but I just choose to love this life fully and hold those I love and try to love in my heart always.


Life is its own answer. I’m feeling a great power in loving people, even if they are not involved in loving me. That isn’t the point of love… it isn’t bartered or divided up. Love is its own answer.

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