In Hot Water

Hot water always heals me. Especially mineral filled, super heated water from deep within the earth. After several weeks of fighting a respiratory ailment, I decided to treat myself today (on my birthday) to a long soak at the hot springs just north of here in New Mexico.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

The pool in my room of choice was 112 degrees this morning. The steam rising from the water cleared my lungs and the deep heat, after I worked my body all the way into the water, loosened my joints and pulled the pain away from my neck and my fingers. It was the best choice I could have made for this day.

I had been missing all the water in Hawaii. My visit there had re-hydrated my skin and opened my breathing. Back to the desert and I found my skin drying out again and breathing dirt made my lungs more vulnerable…

Today felt so good! I spent 50 full minutes of my hour submerged and slightly spacey from the intense heat. External, cooler air passed continuously through the room by way of several vents and the ceiling fan keep it all in motion (I felt a little strangeness from the strobe effect of the fan and muted lights).

My beautiful picture

Being underground in the water was like being hugged by the Earth.

The drive north then home was its usual interesting event with the exception of the perpetual music from a Counting Crows CD stuck in the player… this disc has been refusing to eject for weeks… some cruel, weird joke played on me by the Universe (like so many others), I have listened to August & Everything After several hundred times, I’m sure… recently. An “album” I loved, then hated, then loved again, now feel frantic about – yet, even hundreds of times, it’s better than what’s on the radio (this attitude of mine might explain my never hearing back about the job at the radio station).

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

It felt good to be around the rivers and the lake. It felt great to be in the geothermal waters! I feel so much better tonight.

My brother took me out for a fancy dinner. Tomorrow I get a big load of hay and the special ed kids come to muck horse pens. I am starting “Forbidden Planet” on the TV in the bedroom and trying to get the dogs all calmed down (they were very excited to see me after a long day away, then my leaving again!).

I don’t know what this next decade holds for me. I know that I will appreciate New Mexico more… from White Sands to Hot Springs to forests, lakes, sparkling caverns, vast high desert and deep canyons… from ancient ruins to outer space, I just love this place!

My beautiful picture

Darj and Katharine

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