There is an Arabian stallion I love and respect whose off spring I have trained and loved as well. His name is Kobiyashi and I trained him in Dressage to show him for the owner/breeder many years ago. I was working to pay for my own young stallion, Darjeeling. I owned Dharma Gita, a son of Koby and wanted a filly, Dream Cat, who is his daughter that I was schooling at the same time.

I now own the sweet Dream Cat who turns 20 years old this year! She is an old friend, a maternal, loving spirit who always nuzzles my cheek. Tonight (it is very cold, wet and windy) she hugged me with her neck after I put her blanket on…


looking at you

When I was training Koby in the Dressage, I schooled him in a 4 acre pasture. We entered him in Training and First level tests and I was worrying because he had never seen a Dressage Court! My good friend and student across town had a wonderful facility where I had helped her start her Holstiener and we set up for me to spend a day there with Koby.

I hauled him over early in the morning and her geldings were secured in the barn so I could turn the stallion out on their pasture to let off steam before I rode him. My Mum’s best friend came to watch, also (a horsewoman, she was there to help, too, if I needed it).

Koby did his great Arab stallion, tail flagged, snorting, squealing gallop around, then I let him loose in the arena with the Dressage court… not thinking about the pony sized stone statue of a horse outside the court by E.

The stallion Kobiyashi had stood stud in Arizona where they collected his semen (for artificial insemination) with an artificial vagina and a “dummy mare” which is a life sized, padded horse like object for him to mount… running loose, he spotted the stone horse and jumped onto it, quite excited! Yikes! I ran to him with the halter and lead and had to shout him down, getting my elbow struck by a front hoof before I could get him off of the statue! Now, he respected me enough to pull himself together and lead back to the horse trailer where I slowly groomed and tacked him up.

We had had an audience of the farm owner, her handyman, my Mum’s friend and 2 neighbors who could not believe I was now going to ride this horse. But, he and I knew each other. We respected each other. If I would not ride him here and now, the show would be an impossibility.

It was actually thrilling to ride him in the real court with his energy up (and his elevation of stride and lightness!) – although each time we approached “E” and the stone pony, he would nicker low, deep and sexy at it, dancing a bit more and almost growling! I had to vibrate the inside rein, prrrr my tongue and keep an outside leg active.

At the Amigos de Dressage show (a big area competition), he was a very good horse! There were no fake horses – lots of mares, though, whose riders would cut right in front of us in the warm up until I moved way back away from the arena until our ride times! You can only expect so much from a breeding stallion…


At one point, the judge sent a runner to ask me to stay up in the entry area of the arena before my rides – I told him that I was on a stallion. The judge sent him back with permission for me to warm up wherever I wished.

We did well for a first show, scoring 60+’s and one 70%, winning our 1st level class, which pleased the owner. There is so much more about that show to be told, but tonight I just want to share how special my little Dream Cat’s father was 🙂

I was honored to school and compete him.

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