Hot & Cold!

I thought I had jet lag or something yesterday and the day before. As I woke up one morning to ice and snow and the past two days have been near 70 degrees with sunshine, I realize that I’m just feeling the shifting temperatures. How the horses handle it amazes me. They doze in the sun with their hair coats all held down close to the skin. When the cold returns, their hair stands up on end to hold body heat.

I layer clothes then peel them off, back and forth throughout the day. At night, I throw the comforter off of myself then later search for it on the floor. Most nights, I get a didgeridoo and play a while to get centered before returning to sleep. That is one thing I’m glad I chose to do, to learn to play the didge. I think the breath one uses is a help for sound sleeping.

I have two new doggies in the family. Little ones who needed a home quickly. We love them, my other dogs and me!

As I get back into the rhythms of my life after my vacation (and after a particularly brutal year), I find myself smiling more. I’ve cleared out some stuff, faced some hard decisions, felt a lot of grief and found some deep, profoundly joyful memories to hold onto.

Everything ends. My vacation was so sweet I can still “taste” it – but it ended. My feelings about some plans I had made became conflicted, so some dreams ended. My life will end. But the very process of living it is its own reward. It is an adventure every day if I allow it to be. I see my world here through new eyes since my return. No jet lag – I am feeling the shifting of perspectives.

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