“One man gathers what another man spills.”

Returning home to a snow and ice storm this week was certainly a mind bending thing for me – from balmy beaches and warm sea to doors frozen shut and crunchy hoses reminds me of the extremes we face with all embodiments.

My beautiful picture

This physical extreme of shifts has my body literally cramping (my feet and toes especially – agonizing if I forget and sit on my feet at this desk) and running for the magnesium powder! It takes a hot bath and a pot of hot Kukicha twig tea to warm my core. Last week, I had the A/C going in the Toyota that I was driving all over the big island. I wake up wondering for a moment where I am; then wonder what on earth to wear.

I make absolutely certain all the dogs are inside before I shut the back door for the evening! The horses are wearing their cozy “PJ’s” and I added hot water to their tubs to prevent freezing for an extra hour tonight.

Emotional shifts or “emotional whiplash”, as I call it, can leave me with the equivalent of those foot cramps – but on an even more painful level. To be loved, to be dismissed, to be honored, to be used, we all have these shifts through life. Non-attachment can be my “magnesium powder” for these soul cramps, but it is hard to find locally.

I once said that indifference is the opposite of love (that relationship kind of love) because even hatred is passionate. We go beyond the extremes of that passion spectrum when we allow indifference to flood the emptiness carved out by the roller-coaster-ing of duality. We can drop the anvil we’ve been carrying around; one of perception, perspective and second guessing. Once it falls away (for the next victim to lift and embrace perhaps, especially with relationships), we drift above that attachment and see it for what it was – good or bad, brilliant or overwhelming… we see it as an entity rather than a component of our own being. We are released.

I’m working my way toward non-attachment on some levels. Anything that takes up most of one’s thoughts, time and energy should bring the benefits of satisfaction, joy and positive anticipation. If it is otherwise, find a way to leave it – if it is important in the Universe, there will be another who picks it up and revels in the processes that tormented you!

And some things are there just for the moment. They serve a purpose that is limited or linear and actually no longer exist after the time has passed.

I got a cool bumper sticker in Hawaii, it says, “Quantum physics: the dreams stuff is made of”. I love it!

On another note, I have added two little beings to the Dharmahorse tribe tonight. They needed a home. They are sound asleep in the living room as I write tonight. These little pumpkins fit right into our family merely hours ago. My Phoebe and Skipper have accepted them. We fill our little house with love tonight.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

This is worth the effort. This is love. The animals save me just as thoroughly as I save them.

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