How to empty a water tub, your bladder and a propane tank (almost) in a day…

Saturated ground around my horses’ pens has kept me from dumping their water tubs, scrubbing them clean then filling them with clear, better water. And the frozen hoses, chunks of floating ice with about a 45 minute time frame before my hands seized up, frozen as well, have added to my reluctance; water-tub-wise.

But today turned decently warmish and I thought I would dump Wally’s tub and get him clean water. You see, he dunks his face all the way into his tub and sloshes the water out into puddles; then he paws at the puddles, splashing mud into his water tub. It is rarely of the sparkling clean sort of liquid that I would “drink myself” as my BHSAI teacher in my youth would have insisted upon.

My beautiful picture

As the sun set and the air chilled, I filled feeders with hay and bran mashes, put Wally’s blanket on and went to dump his water tub. Water is heavy. Water is dynamic, it moves of its own volition at times. Water can overpower me (remember this fact at the ocean, Katharine).

So, I start rocking his tub a bit to get the water moving. I can usually just give a shove after it’s moving and tip out the majority of it before I scrub the inside of the tub. In the winter, no algae is growing so it’s only the mud and hay slobber I’m apt to encounter. Tonight, the still frozen part of the earth by the tub caught it funny and tossed the contents onto my legs. And my shoes of course.

And yes, I did have on dark blue jeans, but they did not bleed… I did. I caught the side of my hand on the edge of the tub trying to stop its momentum and cut myself open (just a little, no sutures required). Lots of lavender oil on it later.

So, the bladder part should be self explanatory. A sleeping hand in warm water might work, but so does approximately 30 gallons of ice water down one’s legs. And, needing to finish cleaning the one tub then fill ALL of them before the sun set and the hoses froze, I had to push on wet and shivering with great sucking sounds coming from my Sloggers (shoes gifted to me by a student) with every step.

This leads to the propane tank. Inside now, I pull off barn clothes, pull on warm, dry Yoga clothes and turn UP that thermostat! I do have a good amount of propane in the tank and tonight, I am using some of it!

All in all, it has been a really good day. I did not play my guitar as well as usual at my lesson, but I forgive myself. I taught a nice riding lesson this morning and my working student dumped last night’s manure and rode two horses (very well). I had money to deposit and my truck has plenty of gas for tomorrow (hay day). Things were rolling along well until I decided to clean Wally’s water, but it worked out okay in the end. He has clean water for now.

A pot of hot tea beside me and the itchy, but worth it, wool socks are helping. I’m excited about my vacation coming up and a new year with new possibilities to unfold. I always swear I won’t complain about the cold when summer is sweltering and that I won’t complain about the heat when my bed is so cold and the frosty air freezes my eyeballs… and sometimes, like earlier tonight, I just swear… loudly.

My beautiful picture

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