Blue feet, getting the blues and sometimes, I blew it

I have a pair of jeans on today that I love – they are very dark blue, a little stretchy and skinny legged. My hands got wet while watering the horses and I kept rubbing them down my thighs to dry off the water. Now, with dry hands and damp pants, I realize that my palms are blue. The intensely dark blue dye is obviously transient. And, of course, with such frosty temps, I first thought my blue hands were from lack of circulation… but this is a different shade of blue!

I had a similar experience last year with a comforter from the thrift store. Often, I discover the reason that someone gave away a pair of pants – usually it is a zipper that does not stay up. Comforters, usually they are worn looking and that doesn’t bother me – they become dog beds when too worn. But, I wondered why the very crisply new, dark blue and green plaid cover had been relinquished. After a few nights, I figured it out.

Each morning, in the shower, I would notice a quite disconcerting bluish tinge to my feet. Again, I started thinking poor circulation, but it made no sense. It took a few days to realize that my bare feet rubbing against the comforter were taking on the dye. It was seeing the blue colored water at the drain that brought the realization. Multiple washings and dryings did nothing to fade the potent blueness, I gave up on the comforter… didn’t even give it to the dogs (I have a white dog, don’t want a blue dog).

And… decades ago, while married to the biker (who was almost 20 years my senior), living in the dome, I bought a pair of new Levi’s 501, button fly jeans – the only pants I would wear most of my life. Now, the buttons are a struggle…

Bob told me that the way to make them fit properly was to put them on, get into the stock tank and let them dry on my body. You already know what I’m going to tell you.

The bottom half of my body remained blue for at least a week.

So, today, I feel blue from the depressing weather… have blue hands and feel like I really blew a few important things in my life. It’s just blue all over day for me. But I find my memories much more amusing than I found the situations at the time. Bob was not on my lovingkindness list for a long time. The Levi’s didn’t fit any better than all the previous pairs that went into the wash without a dunking attached to my legs and fanny. And as I sit here now, I am seriously wondering if my thighs are blue! I will peel these jeans off promptly after finishing this post! I am NOT going to Hawaii with blue legs!

I’m back – couldn’t wait, had to get those jeans off quickly! Some blue things in my life are just wonderful. I love my little blue guitar. I love my little blue Ford Ranger truck. I love my blue didgeridoo, used to live near the Blue Ridge Mountains… hmmm. I have a lot of blue in my life!

And, as for the times that I “blew it” this year with relationships, job interviews and remembering where I was supposed to be each day – well, I’ll just take my blue self up the mountain soon and sing my apologies into the wind with a bit of smudge (blue sage?)… that oughta fix everything (wink).

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My beautiful picture

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