Cozy Nights

I got home from a nice supper in the city and pulled on my very cold pajamas (Yoga clothes, actually), shivering for sure. For a moment I thought, “I could put them in the clothes dryer for a minute…”, but body heat worked quickly!

It reminded me of a Mom and daughter I taught at White Sands Missile Range way back when they had stables for residents. This family had two nice horses and, when it was bitter cold, the Mom would put the horse blankets in the clothes dryer to warm them up! Then they drove quickly (the 2 blocks) to their barn. The horses were pampered and they loved it. I admired the love the family expressed for all of their animals. Wow… thinking about them touches my heart again.

And tonight I pulled Wally’s blanket (not from the dryer, I’m sad to say) on him before I left; last night we rugged Dream Cat after she taught a lesson right before dark. It’s a balancing act determining when to cover a horse. I use my instincts and my own feeling about the temperature, wind and/or precipitation. In my house now, the furnace has the dogs and me all cozy finally.

My beautiful picture

I ate rich food I’m not used to, so I ate papaya tablets. I was out in public, so I took some osha root tincture and sprayed colloidal silver “up” my nose. I’ll take some vitamin C before bed, and magnesium. Staying healthy is a process. And getting warm now feels extra nice.

It’s funny, though, how quickly the cold starts seeping into the house after the furnace kicks off… and how soon it has to kick on again to maintain the 68 degrees I set. I had an architect friend design how to do a “straw bale wrap” on my little ground set mobile home. THAT would make a humongous difference. That would be a humongous project!

So, tonight I cozy up with the dogs. I had some nice wine and feel sleepy, especially as I get warmer. I think about how wonderful it must feel for horses whose people cherish them so much that they warm their blankets before putting them on. That’s love.

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