Longest Night

It’s Winter Solstice here on the northern hemisphere.

NM snow

We will begin having gradually longer days, shorter nights as we roll toward summer. I have to admit, I am looking forward to warmer days. I know, I know, I live in a temperate area and should never complain… and I’m not so much complaining as just giving a sigh of relief that the days will get longer now. Gradually…

The long nights and short days mean that students in school cannot have late afternoon lessons. Everything gets piled up onto the weekend. I have enough horses to do a lot of lessons without stressing them on Saturday and Sunday – but there is only one of me.

An indoor, lighted arena would be a solution. I am lucky to have the funky roofs and windbreaks I built that my horses call shelters. I am not complaining. They are sheltered. Yet, I end this year of 2014 wondering what to put on my vision board. Do I want the 10 acres beside me? (YES, I do, but that would be a monstrous amount of work to fence and set up!)… Do I want an apprentice? (YES, but I would rather have a partner)… Do I want to win the lottery? (of course)

Tonight, I will sit on the Earth and contemplate the past year – and it was a whopper… in terms of emotional, physical, mental and soul challenges. Crikey! I got through it mostly intact!

In a little bit, my brother and I will head up the mountain to release our Mum’s ashes. We chose this auspicious day. I hope I have the courage to see it through.

I know so many people that I care about who have faced challenging stuff this past year. I sure hope we can all have a lighter, happier 2015! I like the quote, “Just show up, be kind, be brave, rest, try again” (don’t know who said it), it has been my mantra for a while now! It is written on the side of my tack room.

My beautiful picture

Here is my vision from this past summer.

Warmth will return again, in our world, in our hearts. And, in some incredible stroke of brilliance, I get to go to Hawaii next month. I know, I know, how incredible is THAT! My cousin is making this possible. I know it will heal me. My tribe of students and families will care for the stable and I know my horses will be safe and loved. What an awesome start to 2015 for me… my gratitude flag is flying.

So, Just show up, be kind, be brave, rest, try again Happy Solstice everyone. a concert 001

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