Loose Cannons

I went out to feed this morning and found a strange horse loose in my driveway. He was healthy and well cared for but when he saw me with a halter, he became frightened. I threw some hay to him to keep him nearby and tracked back his hoofprints to a neighbor’s home. The man was getting in his truck and saw me – turned out, he’d been looking for his new horse for over 3 hours. He had bought this gelding from people who did not know much and had mistreated the guy. He had a real fear of ropes (great……).

So, we tried a bucket of grain and this man was able to pull his truck up near the horse and just almost get him “penned” in, but he bolted and headed out the road. The man drove home to get his other horse – watching him, I saw a good horseman with great instincts. I figured things would go well for him, so I got ready to teach my lessons on the west mesa.

About an hour later, another neighbor seemed to have joined the project – but this guy is our neighborhood loud, big truck doughnut spinning, engine gunning “boy” in a man’s body. That sounded mean (but accurate). His family has been kind to me always. But, the truck guy can be just obnoxious some of the time. AND, this morning, he zoomed off actually CHASING the poor horse all over the neighborhood. All I could think was how many negative drops were falling into this horse’s well of experiences… and wonder how long it will take to gain any sort of rapport with one so traumatized.

Loud-truck-guy seems to always have the best intentions; to help. I see it often with him. I also see a lot of aggression in the process – like today. I sent Reiki to the horse and the situation.

When I returned from the west side of the city, all was well. The horse survived, the kind owner brought me back my halter & lead and thanked me a lot. I saw two distinct personalities in this experience. One was a man taught by horses to move slowly, be kind, be patient. The other was a man taught by… ? society maybe, to be forceful and loud and a “loose cannon”. The one will have a life of being respected and admired, I think. The other will likely be feared and maybe shunned (I just give him lots of room, always staying polite)… but that is probably judgmental on my part. I wish the aggressive peeps could see how effective the calm peeps are….

It was a good lesson in perspective for me. If I have a horse in trouble, I know which neighbor I will run to first. But I also know, if either of them need my help, I’ll be there in a flash.

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