Always know where your towel is…

I love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I thought about it this morning as I found two large towels for my soaking in T or C at the hot springs. My body and my soul needed to slip deeply into the geothermal pool as if returning to an earthly womb where my senses would shift if only for that hour.

As I left Cruces, I stopped for petrol and went to the Subway sandwich shop where there are $2.00 cold cut subs right now. I am vegetarian… I asked the girl if the cold cut sub came with cheese. It did. So, I asked if I could get that sub without the cold cuts. “That’s a veggie delight, it’s $3.50” she replied. But it would cost less to make the cold cut one without the cold cuts… nope, that’s a veggie delight she repeated three times. The man behind me laughed and shook his head. Feeling like Jack Nicholson and getting close to yelling, I decided to throw my hands up and leave. Getting the sandwich and pulling off the meat wouldn’t work for me.

On the road with plenty of gas, I settled in listening to Collective Soul for the one hour drive north up Interstate 25. It has been a cold day (I just got my thick, winter socks as the office is chilly!) and the men at the border patrol check waved me on as they stood outside rubbing their hands together and shifting foot to foot. The cruise control makes it so the truck uses barely any fuel for the trip and a one hour soak is only $9.00… for a senior…..  it was worth the time and the cost to do this today.

At the bath house, I chose the hottest water in the “tub” at 112 degrees. Inside the room, I stripped and set my bottle of cold water by the hot water. Drinking to stay hydrated is of paramount importance. Then, I worked my way down the steps gradually as my body “melted” into the relaxation of steaming, mineral saturated bliss.

hot spring 002

The hot water from deep in the earth flows through the pool constantly, staying fresh and very hot. Steam wafted on top of the water. There is a heavy, knotted rope to hold as you descend the steps, walk around on the smooth river stones that fill the bottom of the tub or float on your back, submerging aching parts. I sat upon progressively deeper steps as I let myself get accustomed to the heat. When your chest is submerged, it can become hard to breathe, so you must raise up now and then for a minute or two.

hot spring 004

I get out a couple of times during the hour to lie on the bench and do self Reiki. Today, I got a little dizzy at one point, so I wrapped up in the towels to sweat out toxins for 10 minutes. Back in the water, I did walkabout on the stones – that actually helped me heal a heel spur a while back….

hot spring 005

With the ceiling fan exchanging air (there are lots of vents in the room) and the lung clearing steam to breathe, my whole body felt better. The hour passed too quickly.

On the drive home, Collective Soul again playing, I was enchanted by the landscape. I love New Mexico so much. T or C is a community built up around the two large lakes on the Rio Grande river. I watched the different mountain ranges distant and near as I drove home. I knew an old man from Mexico (in his 80’s at that time) who traveled by foot all over both countries and knew where he was by the mountains – he did not read or write. He could track animals and read the sky.

The hot water has a good amount of lithium in it and I felt so great driving home. I had to shift off of the heater to fresh, colder air each time I felt sleepy – although I have never fallen asleep driving, these recent days have worn me out and anything, it seems, is possible! Here at home tonight, I’m drinking hot cinnamon tea by the potful. I had a red enchilada (my comfort food), actually eating something for supper. And I will return, as the song says, to wanting to learn “wisdom, trust & truth”… in a little while… after I process all these feelings and see who I am again.

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