Water gone wild

Late in the night it began raining so hard that the sound was simply a roar on the roof. I pulled the comforter up to my chin and stared at the ceiling, lit by the orange glow of my salt lamp. The intensity lasted almost an hour! Phoebe was quite shaken by the noise. Skipper was deeply dreaming as I felt her kicking my leg in her sleep. What a night. We don’t get gentle, drizzling rain. We get all out, full tilt roaring expressions of water gone wild.

In a different frame of mind than the one that has ruled me lately, I would have been outside, setting bowls to collect that wild water for house plants and hair rinsing and crystal spraying. But, last night I just stayed put and practiced deep breathing exercises. Phoebe practiced deep panting/drooling exercises next to the bed. This morning, I had to make her stay in the house (she usually helps me feed horses and inspects the perimeter of the farm), we have standing water. And we are on a slope! A lot of dog hair in the house I can cope with – a lot of wet dog hair and mud, I couldn’t face today.

My beautiful picture  My beautiful picture

As I prepare to go VOTE and get hay, the sun is burning off cloud cover and sparkling through the leaves, still green so far on the mulberry trees. I will miss the green. I won’t miss the bugs. Autumn brings mixed blessings, I guess. Autumn has brought MUCH needed rain this year. And I am grateful.

I had to get a tooth repaired yesterday, it broke the day before. The Clinic brought me in as an emergency and I think the dentist was annoyed that I wasn’t in a proper amount of pain… it hurt to eat or drink. I found that annoying, but I wasn’t agonizing over it. He should see my life. If I’d had to, I would have pulled the tooth on my own. I just don’t have the time to be like other people. But, I am grateful that he fixed it so well for me. Perhaps my asking if he could avoid using the “toxic materials” (what do you mean, he asked – the mercury, I said); trying to refuse an Xray; telling them that I “oil pull”; mentioning my vegetarianism, no drugs, no vaccinations, etc. etc. might have been more the cause of their annoyance. But, this is my body, these are MY teeth. I wanted his help, but did not want him to take ownership of my choppers. Things were easier in Mexico at my old dentist’s office – but he was shot and killed in his parking lot a few years ago. That was scary…

And now, I could go there, but would need a passport to get back into the States. I need to add a passport the list. Crikey. I would like to get it, wish it cost less… it would be nice to travel. Add that to the list!

My tooth feels great this morning. It is constructed with white ceramic stuff, not the “toxic materials”. I think I can get hay and put it in the leaking hay barn instead of hooking up the horse trailer to get it – the rain has stopped. I found my voter card, horses have full, clean water, alfalfa and some dry spots. Phoebe has relaxed, Skipper wadded up a pillow just right for her second nap.

I’ve had to give up worrying about money, worrying about loved ones, worrying about the weather, the election, mud, dog hair, dirty laundry and Australia. Everything will sort itself out. And today, for sure, there is less worry about the drought.

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