A false economy

You would think I could learn this lesson. I look at hay that costs $3, $4 even $5 less per bale… it looks good, smells sweet (but I catch a wiff of dust…). The bales are heavy and all seems good. With 7 horses to feed, I feel like I need to buy the hay where I get more for my money. At home: I unload and stack it, feeling like I got a bargain. Then I feed it and the bit of dust becomes a small cloud… later, I see clods of dirt in the feeders. I bought dirt. With the hay, I bought dirt. It doesn’t hurt the horses, I feed extra bran and flaxseed meal mashes to keep everything moving (and there go the $$ savings)… My beautiful picture Or, I am on the other side of the city, need to keep moving, so I buy some hay from a different feed store. At home, the big bale of Bermuda turns into fluff when I pop the twine. I spend days of feeding it cursing and wadding it onto the rug I carry it with using my hands and my feet. I do have a constant source of alfalfa from my friend who farms it, so the horses have consistency there each day. But, I just seem to leave my senses behind when I have to get grass hay and am pressed for time or money. I have one feed store where the grass hay is always clean, comes off in proper flakes, smells great and costs a chunk more. You know what, we get what we pay for!

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