October… welcome, I guess

I don’t think of Halloween as scary, but it is always weird for me. Years ago I had ordered a water bed – a big plastic bag of rolling waves to sleep on because that is what my hips and shoulders craved. A couple of weeks went by and the store finally called me on the 31st (of October) to say that they would be delivering it. I let my neighbor have my futon and cleared my bedroom for the arrival of comfort.


At 9:00 PM an unmarked van with three middle eastern men arrived with my bed. I lived by myself with one small dog. I took a deep breath and let them in with the bed parts, making sure that I saw the bed first! They were apologetic about the hour and then even more so when we discovered that the frame boards were too long! Okay… I took the boards to the garage after marking the lengths and sawed them shorter myself.

The young men were friendly and got the heat mat down then the water “mattress” and I brought the hose in to fill it. They kept everything smooth as the mattress wiggled and expanded like some living thing. Over an hour had passed. I made hot Chai tea and shared it. Laughed with them as I realized I would be sleeping on ice cold water because the heater couldn’t warm it enough until 24 hours had passed.

After they left, I put comforters and blankets under me, a bedspread over me and tried to fall asleep. It was a hopeless, chilled, 6 hours of being tossed side to side in nausea inducing effort to find a warmed spot. The next night was brilliant and made it all worthwhile – but the first night had me wondering if I had lost all of my marbles.

The next year, also on Halloween, I had a man come to install cable TV at that house. He looked things over and proclaimed that he was not allowed to go underneath the house to take the cable across the width of it. Crikey, I told him I would do it and he left the cable line and the connectors with me then drove away! That afternoon, after drilling holes through the floor, I crawled under the house, bringing my little dog with me (I thought of it like the Doctor with K9) so I wouldn’t panic as I pulled my body along with my elbows dragging the cable line. I pushed it up through the floor then, inside, cut it to length and attached the connectors (I grew up with ham radio and am a technician).

The next week the man came and connected the line to the pole. When I got my first bill with a charge for “installation”, an assertive phone call got that charge removed promptly!

A few years back I was staying with my mother in the hospital, waiting for her to be discharged after several days. At 9:00 PM on Halloween… the paperwork came through. I do not understand it, but, I am no longer surprised by much, especially in October!

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