Make do….

A lifetime of it really. Horse peeps learn to “make do”. We buy clothes at Thrift Stores to have money for hay. We consider lunch at a Cafe’ a real luxury when we’re saving up for entry fees for a horse show…

Our petrol is expensive because we need trucks to maintain a stable, so we plan all of our errands in a sequential trip that circles back home in the most efficient manner. I have envelopes where I put bits of extra cash (one for emergencies, one for socks and underwear that I do not buy at Thrift Shops, one for printer ink cartridges, and now one for international long distance calling). Cafe’ or movie money comes from putting the change bucket stash through the counter at my Credit Union. And sometimes, that change becomes groceries or dog food.

I realized today, as I prepare to hook up my horse trailer to get hay (it has been pouring rain for days and nights here) that being a horsewoman (and stablewoman) has taught me the skills to adjust, adapt, solve and face everything that comes my way. I see all my horsewoman friends being warriors in life, too. We all figure out how to cope during the rough times and we all REALLY know how to enjoy the smooth times!

Being in my late 50’s, I don’t necessarily have that idea light bulb flash on right away… I was thinking about how much I miss my old horse van that served me since I was 16 and could drive it, until 20 years ago when I (foolishly) traded it for an old Mercedes… I got hay and stored hay in it during these times. Then, I realized (the next day) that I can just take my horse trailer and do the same thing (albeit, on a smaller scale!). So, in an hour, I’ll be at the feedstore, using emergency funds to pack as much hay as I can into that trailer.

But, I live in the country. I have seven beautiful horses who are my family. I can make my own hours, I don’t need a gym, I have time to write and to paint… my life is FULL of love. I am so dang wealthy!

8-27-2011 10;42;54 AM 9-30-2012 9;48;18 PM

And, seeing that car again, I have to mention – it saved my life. I was rear-ended in that car by a guy going 75 mph as I stopped to make a left hand turn. My other vehicle was a motorcycle. Thank you Mercedes.

We never know what the circumstances in life are planning.

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