Grandmother Moon

I had an interesting experience this morning while feeding the horses in the mostly dark. My big Thoroughbred, Wally, was ill at ease and acting oddly even after he got his hay. It has cooled down now with the monsoons, at least at night and in the early mornings, so a snake was unlikely, but it was on my mind. A friend had a wild trail ride because of a rattler; another friend found one on his porch. I gridded my place way back with osha root and amethyst to protect us and we have a very big bull snake, Miss Bessie, who stands guard under the giant hawthorn bush.

There was no snake this morning. Now, normally my instincts tell me when to take the pepper spray out with me (back when a friend lost geese to a mountain lion, I wore the spray on my hip)… and, actually, my instincts were right because I did not need it. But, I sure was thinking about what to do if I found a scary snake in Wally’s pen. Miss Bessie, I would catch and carry her to her “apartment”; a rattler… no way. So, while I know we are safe here and I know what to do in case of a bite (my Darjeeling story tells that tale!), the reality of my inability to catch a scary snake has hit home. I use a “tin cat” (humane, catch & release trap) to catch mice in the house, sonic doo-dads in the tackroom to repel them and I only kill black widows because of the damage they can do!

So, I took a moment this morning and watched the crescent moon as the sky became light and just exhaled. It’s okay, I heard me tell myself. You don’t have to solve everything. Just BE.

Visions of the half dozen roadrunners that live here filled my mind. “Oh, nature knows”, I thought. I looked at the goathead crop covering my whole farm and saw the dodder overwhelming it… hmmmm, nature knows. The moon seemed to say, “Relax, don’t make things happen, let things happen” and I listened.

I watched Wally and decided that he is simply feeling the cool, changing weather and pretending to see spooky things for the fun of it. A little excitement… a little adrenalin, I think it can do us all good sometimes. I needed to feel less in charge of and more a part of things this early morning. I’m ready for some adventure and to awaken my heart. Lighthearted – I like that expression, I need to practice on that!


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