Healing Spaces

So, when my Mother was hospitalized a couple of years ago, I stayed 4 days and nights with her there. She came to my home afterwards and lived for six months in my bedroom. My brother had cable TV installed so she could watch shows and we could play the soothing “Soundscapes” all night. I slept on a futon in the livingroom, listening for any sound from her so I could help her to the chair potty by the bed or hold her glass of water so she could drink from the straw. I cooked the most healthy meals; gave her the meds and, for the first few days, injected blood thinners into her tummy.

After the six months, with my friend Jer’s incredible help, we scraped a foundation, built water run off berms, laid water lines and put in a mobile home so my Mom and Brother could move in on my property. With a good diet, Co-enzyme Q10, hawthorn berry, krill oil, B12 and many natural healers – my Mom’s heart was much improved (the cardiologist’s words) and last month, her prescriptions were reduced and one eliminated. Lots of healing happened and still is happening.

I now return to my office after checking in that same bedroom, my little 21 year old dog, Basil. She spends most of her time in that healing space because, if she slips on any tile floors, she can get stuck. I carry her down the (now padded) back step to the dog’s yard and usually catch her before she comes back inside – but she can get up the step just fine most days.

There are many crystals in that bedroom. There is a Himalayan crystal salt lamp, a blue light for calming and a green light for healing (my Mom has her own salt lamp and green light now in her bedroom across the yard in her home). I open the window for fresh air whenever it is warm enough and fill the room with Reiki. A white Tara thanka hangs above the bed.

Basil has a soft, fuzzy saddle pad (they are thin and easy for her to step onto) in the bedroom and livingroom for her beds.

I write about this tonight because I sleep in my bedroom now… again. With my small dogs, I delight in the feel of the room. When Basil needs me, I hear her immediately and can get her outside or offer her water… I love that bedroom. I love this life.

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