Harmony by Design


The way we see life is in a proactive, balanced way for the embodiments of all beings. We each have a physical, emotional, mental and spirit body. I am constantly being asked how one determines which natural healing method to use. In seminars, I teach the principle of “Life-Wave Integration”: using specific modalities for the specific embodiments.

Using Nutrients and Herbs for the Physical Body; Flower Essences for the Emotional Body; Essential Oils for the Mental Body and Crystals for the Spirit – we can support good health and address disorders from their root causes.

An example of alignment with an embodiment is sleep – if you cannot sleep because of pain, your physical body is in need of balancing. If you cannot sleep because of fears or anger, etc., your emotional body needs support. If you cannot sleep because thoughts just overwhelm you, your mental body seeks healing. If you sleep well but never feel rested, the spirit body needs support.

Bring the Balance Back!



Every being has accumulated experiences that “fill a well” and determine what he or she will expect in new situations. If the majority of “drops in the well” have been negative, he will expect negative things. If they have been positive “drops”/experiences, he will expect positive things. We can even overfill a well of negative experiences with enough positive experiences to eventually overcome the negative – and, sadly, the opposite is also true.

The “training” of a horse or dog (or spouse!) that conditions responses, cultivates trust or fear and allows progress or regression is solely determined by the types of “drops of experiences” that are added to the “well”.

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