Long, long day

Tonight. it is especially good to be inside with the furnace going. It was supposed to warm up today, but did not! I had 2 great lessons in the cold before heading into the city for human, equine and canine groceries. The entire day was “crowded” – crowded roads, crowded cafe’, crowded market… the sun was low when I got home and it was a real rush to get my Mom’s and my groceries put away, the horses blanketed, hay unloaded and fed, waters topped up and bran/herb mashes made and fed before dark! Whew!

Inside now, I am grateful for the propane that came yesterday. I’m grateful for the lessons this morning that paid for hay, shavings and dog food. I am grateful to my brother for buying my groceries. I realized this morning that it is a year since Wally came to us! He came on Thanksgiving last year and I am SO grateful to have Wally in my life. He taught a lesson today with a lady who is one of the most gentle people I know.

I am grateful for Majic who was an excellent ride for little 5 year old (just had a birthday!) Alyssa who rides better each time she has a lesson and to Majic goes the credit as teacher! Thank goodness for all the blessings in our lives. Tomorrow will be tofu and pumpkin pie and carrots for the horses (and the dogs). Tonight will be a long, hot bath and hot soup for supper and the lighting of incense for gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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