Boldly Going

Some mornings I wake up well before any light has graced the sky and before I am comfortable letting my dogs outside in case they would bark and wake up neighbors. But, if I even wiggle a toe, they know that I’m awake. If they know that I am awake, they immediately begin the Dance of Dawn – it does not matter if dawn is an hour and a half in the future. Somehow, my stirring at midnight or at 3:00 AM does not have the same influence that any bit of movement (or change in the rhythm of my breathing) after 4:00 o’clock will inspire.



When going through the house to put on shoes and my barn coat, after there is enough light outside to see to feed the horses, somehow they know that I’m up. From the previous silence (and focused staring at the office bay window), a chorus of whinnying and feed tub thumping erupts as soon as I cross the threshold to grab that jacket.



Animals have an uncanny sense about our whereabouts and intentions. I always feel especially honored when my horses and dogs trust me. I am in total awe when the (wild) bunnies in the desert and stable yard allow me to walk within inches of them as I go about the distribution of hay. I realize my vegetarianism leaves me smelling less like a predator and I believe the fact that I constantly tell them I love them has a deep effect.

Once, when leaving a friend’s ranch out in the middle of the mountain, a deer approached my parked car. She looked at me. I said, “Oh, God, you are so beautiful! I love you!”. She walked right up to me. She let me touch her face. She stood with me for several minutes and I just communed with her gentleness and wisdom.

Our words affect water. We are all made of water. Our words have power.

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