Vision boards are just pieces of card stock on which one tapes or glues pictures from magazines or just writes words or concepts about the desired future.

I’ve always made vision boards. We did it on bad weather days in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. They are very useful focal points when we feel lost, uncertain and need to see through different eyes. And it is a profound thing to find a vision board from the past.


I just did that tonight. In my closet was one from 4 or 5 years ago when I was renting, trying to care for my horses and build the foundation for a new business while, personally, I was crashing inside. My skin was peeling off of my legs from stress, I was heavy, weak, depressed and scattered. This vision board expressed the health and peace of mind I desired. It showed the desire for a home, a barn and a horse trailer. A full fridge (full of fresh, healthy, organic foods), gardens… my soul was craving all of this.

How stunned I am tonight having realized these very things in the few short years since making this board. I think everyone should make vision boards. Concentrate on them. Then pack them away to discover later and rejoice in the realization of how dreams come true.

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2 thoughts on “Visualize

  1. So often, we let the pace and distractions in life pull us away from our dreams – sharing helps make them more real.

  2. Kay Lee

    And it is really fun to do in a group to learn about each other!

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