We have some hazy clouds moving in this evening. The hoof trimmer came and helped me so much by trimming hooves on 4 of my horses (in only one hour! – that’s how calm my horses are and how competent this young man is). I feel relief tonight… at least about hooves. Hank and Penny’s hooves are fine, they are the last ones I got trimmed myself before everything dried out and they became so hard again. My mind is troubled about Hank’s sheath. He bit it and made it bleed yesterday while trying to scratch himself. This morning it was quite swollen. The flies are causing the itch and irritation. One last gasp from them as the weather changes and the possibility of a freeze looms nigh. I have cold water hosed his sheath through the day and used Monostat ointment to soothe the itching; antihistamine cream would work, too. It will take time to heal while, hopefully, he chooses to leave it alone to do so.


I can feel the changes in the air. I have a very early lesson to teach tomorrow morning and a trail ride with a friend before afternoon lessons. There is tack to clean and I have to finish my taxes before Tuesday… never enough hours in a day. But tonight I’m thinking about something my brother said. I told him that I no longer have a “day off”. He said that every day is a “day off” when you do something you love and I know what he means. He works a full time+ job in town that he does not love. He works hard. I work hard. But I choose my path and my “battles” in ways he just can’t when working for a boss. My wish is for my business to grow to support my entire family here, allowing my brother that sweet ability to choose a new path for himself. It could happen!

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