Less is more

This evening I went out and removed the horses’ fly masks just as it turned dark and clouds to the west showed streaks of an ember red glow. I maneuvered around the stable yard by the faint light of tiny solar lamps scattered about like stars on the ground. Autumn is here. Strangely felt in the air and by the new light, it is my favorite time of the year. So much becomes clear to me after spring’s planning and summer’s hard work. I believe every year of my adult life I have realized that “Less is More”; meaning that the basic principles of good horsemanship bring results, the simple plans and projects work out the best and that health is maintained by supporting the bodies’ own innate systems of defense and repair. Simple. Horses bring that kind of realization to light.


Being with horses changes people. Children learn patience and courage. They find lifelong friendships (with horses and with horse people) and touch their own dreams. Adults find compassion and strength while building new dendrites learning to ride, communicate with and understand these gentle giants.

Horse bring us to an examination of what we value and help us find gratitude in the small and simple things all around us. When horsemanship becomes a way of life, it is a rich life connected to the edifying and subtle realms of Nature where a look can speak volumes and a touch can heal.

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